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Swinging Affairs is where you will find doggers, swingers and an extramarital affair. Simply post your FREE married profile and wait for the responses. 1000's of married personals ads.

Emr - Extramarital Relationships

EMR's can be the most exciting kind of relationship

They are full of the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.  They are energized by the adrenaline rush of clandestine meetings where every moment is so hard earned, that no one ever has a "headache", and then, when he becomes insufferable, you can send him home to his wife. They can also be the most painful:

There is never as much time as you would like to be together, the time is always too short, and there are too many restrictions, and then he goes home to someone else. The attitude and outlook that you maintain can play an enormous role in how you will feel about being in your EMR.  Not everyone is cut out be involved with a married person and be happy; it takes a certain type of personality, someone who can live with not being his #1 priority, and one who is not particularly jealous by nature. An ability to share and a willingness to try to stick to the following rules are essential.

There will be many things that you can never be 100 % certain about and you must be able to accept that. If you are the type who will lose sleep worrying about things like whether or not he is having sex with his wife, you will end up with bags under your eyes. The irony of EMR's is no matter what reasons or justifications we give ourselves for getting involved with someone who is married (or for cheating on our spouse), we eventually become emotionally involved. And then it becomes even harder to stick to these rules. The more we are able to accept the situation for what it is and follow the rules, the better the chances of continuing the EMR without discovery and the happier we will be in it. In spite of the hope that perhaps bringing the EMR into the open will improve things, it is rarely so; therefore, many of the rules are designed to maintain the secrecy of the affair.

So here are the 10 commandments and the GOLDEN RULE of EMR's:

The 10 Commandments:

1)   Never expect him to leave his W, he might, some do, but don't expect it.

And if he does leave, don't expect a fairy tale ending. There will always be a lot of baggage and many problems to face.

2)   Enjoy every minute you are together, waste none of that time arguing and whining (remember, he can always go home and listen to his wife nag if that's what he wants to hear).

3)   Be prepared for the fact that he may stand you up and not come by or call when you are expecting him to.  His wife and/or family may, at anytime without notice, make plans for him that will interfere with yours.

4)   Be prepared for the fact that, if he gets caught, at the very least he may need to cool it with you for awhile or in the worst case scenario, it will be over completely.

5)   Remember that there are at least 3 people involved in every EMR and one is an unwilling and unknowing participant. Be prepared for the fact that, if she finds out about it, his wife may want to confront you and ask questions about the EMR including why you went ahead and got involved knowing he is married.

6)   Never put it in writing or on tape. That includes: letters, cards, e-mail, voice mail, videos, photos, and any other permanent record that could outlive the EMR or be found by someone and serve as proof of the relationship.

7)   Never go out in public on a "date", and when in places with other people, such as work, be careful not to let them see the chemistry between the two of you.

8)   Never involve others in keeping the secret or covering for the two of you.

Sooner or later, someone will develop a conscience and decide that they need to inform the spouse.

9)   Be very careful of the types of gifts you give the married person, they should always be something he would reasonably buy for himself.

10)  Be careful about wearing perfumes or makeup that will leave traces on him.

Even using the same scent, as his wife can be a problem, as the same perfume will smell differently on different people. And always make sure he washes up before he leaves.

The Golden Rule:

Remember always that, until the divorce papers are signed and it's all finalized, he is married to someone else.

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Swinging Affairs is a dating website where you can find swingers and an extramarital affair. Simply post your FREE married profile and wait for the responses. 1000's of married personals ads.