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Established in 2002
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Affairs Ltd - Connecting Marrieds and Singles Since 2002

Affairs Ltd started almost twenty years ago, so we have lots of experience finding married people some sexual fun. Some enjoy themselves with their partner (swinging and dogging) and some have illicit fun without their partner (an affair). Here you are not judged, we understand there can be many reasons for making these choices. Above all, please enjoy yourself.

Thousands of lovers

Thousands of lovers are looking for pleasure tonight in your town tonight. Find extramarital affairs with singles or with married people. Find swinging with swingers in your town. Find doggers and dogging locations in every town you visit.

Singles Welcome Too

Married people can have an affair with a single person and swingers and doggers love single men and single woman to get involved.


Affairs Ltd was established in 2002

We have been providing a free married dating service for nearly 20 years. We are a very well established website and have thousands of users, many near you. It's very confidential and private, you only need an email address to get started. It's as simple as that. So you can soon be meeting sexual partners in towns near you or while you travel away from home.

Affairs Ltd Keeps It Confidential

It's important to keep your private life private and that's exactly what we do. You can rest assured that all our users enjoy secrecy and don't want to divulge their affairs with others. Our adult dating app also has online chat rooms.

Choose a Free Membership or a VIP Membership

Now you can choose how involved you get with our ccommunity. We have 2 levels of membership, a free membership and a VIP membership. It's best to start with the free membership and then upgrade if you want to make use of the extra VIP benefits.

Affairs Ltd - The Married Experience

Affairs offers the complete dating package for all married people, be they swingers, doggers or looking for an extramarital affair. It's free to get started witht the option to upgrade to a VIP package later.


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