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doggers Dogging - What's Dogging and who are doggers?

Dogging, comes from the expression, walking the dog. Its a term the covers outdoor exhibitionism and car fun. we've set-up this page after numerous requests from doggers asking for help finding locations. Unfortunately, we only know of a few so we're going to need your help. If anyone knows of any lovers lanes, woods, car parks, etc that are used by doggers, would you let us know by clicking the link below.

Dogging can be great fun, and at times its a real thrill of excitement. Just be careful, don't do it just anywhere, and keep your eyes open. If you know of a location that we don't, then pleaselet us know, so other dogging couples can enjoy it as well.

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Looking for a dogger or doggers? Are you a dogger looking for a dogger site in the UK? Do you have a car where you can travel to a dogger park? We have many dogger swinger members in the uk. You can place your free advert and include your dogger pic for other dogger members to see. Find a dogger location near your home or meet other car doggers.

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We have been uniting doggers and getting them dogging since 2002, so we have lots of experience. We can help you meet doggers at dogging locations near you tonight.

Looking for a doggers picture, or perhaps doggers swinger? We also have a car doggers park, for doggers swinger uk. It has doggers dogging and adds doggers pic swinger. Find doggers heaven and place doggers post with your doggers photo in our ads doggers section.

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Your First Dogging Session

On your first visit to a new dogging location, don't rush into things. When you first arrive, hang back a little, wait to be invited to join in. You can watch of course but to take part you should wait to be asked. Relax and start getting involved by reacting and making some motion or noise. It's simple enough - you know what you are doing. Our free adult dating app also has an online chat room.

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