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Group Sex News | 26th nov 2003 | The 'Tacoma way' leaves another mess behind

The 'Tacoma way' leaves another mess behind

By high noon, we'll know for sure whether the state attorney general will file criminal charges in connection with the murder-suicide of Tacoma police Chief David Brame.

Don't hold your breath.

If history is an indicator of what is to come, anyone with anything to hide in this sickening story has little reason to sweat. Tacoma police and city officials ensnared in the mess have done a fine job of thumbing their noses at justice.

How else to explain the folly involving Tacoma's assistant police chief Catherine Woodard, who became acting chief after Brame killed his estranged wife, Crystal, and himself in April?

Crystal Brame claimed Woodard was long aware of her spousal woes. Woodard once showed up with the chief at a gated community where Crystal was staying. Crystal said Woodard acted in a threatening manner.

Sounds like an abuse of police power to me.

Woodard denies wrongdoing. Fine.

Then what about those damning letters with Woodard's handwriting found inside David Brame's apartment?

Contents of the letters, disclosed by The News Tribune of Tacoma, detail the chief's death threats, his relationship with a female officer, and his unsuccessful attempts to lure his wife into group sex.

Hmmm ... shouldn't an assistant chief with knowledge of such disturbing information have an obligation to report it? As a matter of public duty?

You'd think so.

Once again, Woodard denies any wrongdoing.

So now, after months of investigations and the covering of butts, who of all people should hit the jackpot?

The woman who keeps saying she has done nothing wrong. Talk about falling up.

Woodard, on leave since May because of her role in events leading up to the tragedy, last week won a disability claim for a job-related illness. Her reward? $65,000 a year, tax-free.

We all should be so lucky to get a windfall for doing nothing wrong.

The word around town is Woodard suffers from stress and a really bad back -- maladies that mysteriously mushroomed after she was placed on leave as acting chief.

Before that, she was a snapshot of vim and vigor, telling the world at news gatherings that she never saw the blowup of nice guy Brame coming.

Critics rightfully began to look into Woodard's relationship with the chief. They questioned how the city could promote the woman with close ties to the murderer to the position of acting chief.

Shortly after she was sent packing, Woodard got a case of back attack.

I'm no doctor. But from here this looks suspiciously like back pain aggravated by the sudden weight of public flak and a tortured conscience.

Woodard is taking advantage of a system in dire need of industrial-strength bleach and she can thank the spineless Police Pension Disability Board for paving the way for her to collect fat checks. It speaks volumes that in the 5-1 vote approving her claim, Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma was the sole vote of dissent.

This is yet another egregious example of the system looking out for one of its own -- just business as usual in corrupt Tacoma, where the police department's Web site, until recently, played Bad Boys -- the whatcha gonna do when they come for you song featured on the television show Cops.

Brame was allowed to become a cop, and rose up the ranks, despite having an evaluation that found he was psychologically unfit for police work. Then former City Manager Ray Corpuz appointed Brame as chief, even though people in the department knew of a 1988 rape allegation involving Brame. Corpuz, who eventually got the boot over the Brame matter, was able to pull the cord on his own golden parachute in spite of his bungling -- $101,000 in annual retirement benefits for the rest of his life.

The Tacoma way was evident yet again in an incident involving an architect who allegedly failed to heed a construction-site flagger, nearly hitting the person with his car.

The architect was held by a cop on the scene, but later released on orders of police supervisors after he boasted about his connections in Tacoma City Hall, according to a story by the Post-Intelligencer's Paul Shukovsky.

The architect allegedly asked officials: What will it take to make this go away?

His question speaks loudly to the shaky foundation of law and disorder in Tacoma. Money makes bad things go away as a payoff ... or as a payout for an injury that sounds too good to be true.

Either way, such civic shenanigans break the back of the public's trust.

Full credit for this group sex news article goes to: Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA

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