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Group Sex News | Rape law loophole may save footballers

Rape law loophole may save footballers

THE Premiership footballers at the centre of a Scotland Yard investigation into the alleged gang-rape of a 17-year-old Catholic schoolgirl are unlikely to be convicted - because of a loophole in the law at the time.
A report on the case expected to be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) this week, will say that the two soccer stars, along with two other men, will testify that they “honestly believed” the girl consented to having group sex with all of them.

The report will say that in the absence of any independent forensic or eyewitness evidence to show the girl was raped, it is simply her word against that of the four men.

Prosecutors say that even if any consent by the girl was shown to be “reckless” - because she was either drunk or careless - the circumstances of the case will still provide the men with enough of a defence to save them from being found guilty.

The CPS has already been told that the four men have admitted in police interviews that they did have sex with the girl in a £300-a-night room at London's Grosvenor House hotel.

Prosecutors say that under the rape law that existed at the time of the incident, it will be enough for a defendant's case to say he “honestly” believed the victim consented - provided there is no evidence to show otherwise.

The defence is valid even if the defendant is shown to have been mistaken in his belief, no matter how unreasonable that belief may be.

However, the Sexual Offences Act, which received the Queen's assent last week, places a much greater obligation on the accused to prove that he “reasonably believed” that consent had been given.

Full credit for this group sex news article goes to: The Sunday Times (subscription), UK

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