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Group Sex News | They said, she said in Swedish rape outrage

They said, she said in Swedish rape outrage

Stockholm - A Swedish court that acquitted four young men accused of gang raping a drunk woman has come under fire from legal experts for basing its ruling on the woman's sexual history rather than on the men's intentions.

In acquitting the men on Monday, the Stockholm appeals court ruled that the woman's prior sexual experiences led the men to believe that she was game for their sexual advances.

The woman, who is in her mid 30s, was reported to have had group sex with two friends of the plaintiffs, who are in their early 20s.

The court also ruled that the men could not have known that the woman, who was drunk and on drugs when the five-hour sex session took place in her apartment, was in a helpless state because she was able to respond when spoken to and was able to move about.

'It is terrible to think that men would know so little about women'
The Swedish Organisation for Sexual Education attacked the court for judging the woman, rather than the men who were on trial.

This seems to be a typical ruling where only the woman is under examination: her past relations and the fact that she seemed to be interested in younger men. But the ruling says nothing about the men's views on sexuality or why they all wanted to have sex together with this woman.

Hans Klette, a criminal law professor and chairperson of the Swedish Association for Victim Support, called the ruling frightful.

It is terrible to think that men would know so little about women as to believe that they would want to do this. They ought to realise that it's not normal, he said.

The jury consisted of two lay assessors, who voted to convict the men, and three judges, who voted to acquit them.

'They ought to realize that it's not normal'
One of the judges, Bengt Sjoegren, defended the ruling.

Even if it would be very strange for a woman to want to subject herself to this kind of treatment, it is still not so abnormal that the men would have had to realise that, he told Stockholm Radio on Wednesday.

Given the circumstances, we came to the conclusion that it was not clear that the men realised that the woman was in a helpless state, he said.

Full credit for this group sex news article goes to: Independent Online, South Africa

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