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Polyamorist and Polyamory News | Radio station airs gay-themed show

Radio station airs gay-themed show

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- When Lee Chapman first heard nasty words pertaining to homosexual activity, he felt relieved, he said.

As a boy, he realized that if others knew such words, he wasn't alone in his sexual orientation.

Today, the 52-year-old retired software engineer sees gays represented in mainstream media -- in such television shows as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Queer as Folk -- and knows the purpose they can serve.

Chapman is contributing to the rise of gay media in his own way, as music director of a new show called bloomingOUT on radio station WFHB.

The weekly, hourlong program recently debuted with an offering of news and entertainment that focuses on issues important to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

Its goal is to facilitate communication between the city's gay community and the greater Bloomington population, said Chad Carrothers, the station's news director.

More than a dozen volunteers -- including people who were active with the Bloomington Beacon, a defunct alternative newspaper -- have been recruited by Carrothers since the program's proposal in 2001.

A gay-themed show was the one thing missing from WFHB's programming, which in recent months has added a Spanish-language talk show to its lineup, Carrothers said.

These sorts of institutions are needed because the GLBT communities in this region are diversified but fragmented, said John W. Clower, creative consultant for the program.

He added that predicament can be particularly unhelpful for people who are new to town and want to orient themselves socially and politically.

While recent U.S. Census Bureau reports support the image of Bloomington as a sort of mecca for gays and lesbians in the Midwest, the group is underrepresented in Bloomington's local media and town- and state-level decision-making, Clower said.

Gary Pool, news bureau chief, said every day there are so many gay and lesbian stories that come across news wires but are ignored by most media.

BloomingOUT seeks to fill that void in coverage, Pool said.

Correspondents Heather Wild and Gina Wertz, Indiana University students, have been busy pursuing stories about coming out and the scientific basis for homosexuality.

Correspondent Renee Reed, a 30-year-old mother of five who embraces polyamory -- ethical non-monogamy, she explains -- is planning stories about family matters relating to sexual identity.

My relationships are open, Reed said. Currently I'm in a network. I have three partners, and they have different partners. We share our lives, our children.

Chapman will interview one artist or group per show, people who somehow are connected to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. His first guest is Matt Gold, a gay singer-songwriter.

Co-producer Jays Janney hopes to include segments about native Indiana people who have made it big elsewhere, something she hoped would bring an insider/outsider perspective to the show.

Full credit for this Polyamorist and Polyamory news article goes to: Indianapolis Star, IN

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