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hosting a swinging House Party

...Hosting a swingers party can be great fun, but it can be hardwork aswell. Take the time to read throught this page, there's plenty of tips to make your party go easier, whether you're an old hand at running parties or you're completely new to parties...

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Hosting a Party?

Hosting a swingers party can be great fun, but it can be hardwork aswell. Take the time to read throught this page, there's plenty of tips to make your party go easier, whether you're an old hand at running parties or you're completely new to parties.

Like a normal party, you want to get your house ready for your guests. As well as re-arranging your furniture, you should use the waterproof covers under the sheets on the beds that may be used. Leave extra soap in the bathroom, and make sure people know where the extra towels are. Fill the ice cube trays, and put all the soft drinks where your guests can help themselves. If you are supplying the condoms, fill a couple of baskets and place them in accessable places. Put small waste bins around the house.

Do you want a cooling off place?. Will people be able to get fresh air?. Parties can get hot at times and people can overheat, make sure they have somewhere to cool down, emotionally and physically. But do remember that you may have neighbours, and advise your guests to conduct themselves accordingly. Is there any part of the house that will be off limits? Are you going to serve food? What about alcohol, will you supply it, or not?.Are you going to have a time that the doors will be closed and no one else let in?, this lets people relax when they know no one else is coming in.

Will your guests have somewhere they can smoke? Make sure you let your guests know, and if smoking is allowed in your house, make sure you have plenty of ashtrays.

Who do you want to invite? Is it just a couple, or a larger gathering? Swingers are generally friendly people it's a good idea to have a mix of people that are compatable. Are singles going to be invited? Make sure that the couples who are invited know if you do expect singles there, as some couples are uncomfortable going to a party with singles there.

Don't expect everyone you have invited to turn up, although be prepared as some couples may have another couple they would like to bring with them.

You have to let people know about the party, send out e-mail invitations, ring people that you have already met or chatted to (make sure they are genuine). Remember to tell all your guests the same thing. Place a party ad, you can do this on the post a party page. They go more into the details of planing parties and going to them, than I do here.

Parties take on a life of their own, you will find it difficult to tell what is going to happen next. It is important to keep the party going.

There are parties where you strip straight through the door, or there are parties that are like normal parties, except that people go upstairs or into another room with someone if they want to. It's an idea to use party games to get a party going, this will help newcomers to relax. Tell your guests everything they need to know straight away, like where the bathroom is and where the drinks are etc. This helps to make the party as stress free as possible.

Don't get too involved fussing over everyone else ok you're the host/ hostess, but you're still a swinger. Enjoy yourself.

Affairs Ltd was established in 2002

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