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Naturist Beaches for Affairs, Swingers and Doggers

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Naturist Beaches for Affairs, Swingers and Doggers

What is Naturism?

Naturism isn't swinging, I've included this information, because I'm a naturist and I know quite a lot of swingers who are naturists as well. Before you head off to your nearest beach for that all over tan, make sure you do a little reading up to avoid any problems.

Remember that naturism isn't about sex, please don't approach naturists for sex, you'll only offend them.

There are many definitions of naturism. According to Websters Dictionary naturism is the belief or doctrine that attributes everything in nature as a sanative agent. or if you look up the same word in The Encarta World Dictionary you will find two definitions. The social definition, ' The practice of wearing no clothes in a community setting or in designated areas, in the belief that nudity is a healthy, natural state.' or the religious definition that states that naturism is the worship of nature in general, or of objects such as mountains or trees. The International Naturist Federation defines naturism as a way of life in harmony with nature, characterised by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.

If you find the idea of communal nudity sexually stimulating then I'm afraid naturism isn't for you but if you just want to ' get back to nature' then use the links below to help you find out all you need to know, so that maybe you'll discover your own definition of naturism.

And if the beach isn't really your thing then there are plenty of clubs and campsites that cater for the discerning naturist, offering a range of holiday ideas, from spending time at a health spa to roughing it under canvas. Ah, but I'm single. I hear you say, they don't allow singles, do they? Unfortunately, not all, but if you are a single naturist there are venues that welcome single men and women.

Of course you may wish to holiday in a warmer climate. There are plenty of nudist beaches in Spain and Portugal and Peng travel, who claim to be the UK's leading nudist tour operator offers worldwide destinations for the jet-setting naturist.

Official naturist Beaches UK

Below is a list of beaches where naturism is acceptable.

Morfa Dyffryn, Gwynedd.
Morfa Dyffryn is probably the best naturist beach in the UK. It's situated on the Welsh coast between Barmouth and Harlech. It's a two hour drive from Chester and the West Midlands, and a three hour drive from Manchester and Liverpool.
Access and Parking - This description assumes you are driving north out of Barmouth town along the A496 (the coast road). Almost exactly four miles from central Barmouth along the A496 you'll come across the tiny village of Tal-y-bont. Drive through Tal-y-bont and over a narrow bridge. Just after this bridge you'll come across a road down to the beach. This road, next to a small chapel, is sign posted 'Traeth Beach' ('traeth' is Welsh for beach). Follow this road down to the car park. Morfa Dyffryn, the naturist section, is about a one mile walk north up the beach from the car park. Near to this car park is a second car park at the Dyffryn Seaside Estate. Naturists are better using this second car park as it is closer to the naturist section.

Budleigh Salterton, Devon.
A naturist area has been signposted by the local council. The naturist section is to the west of the main town beach - at least 500 yards away from the main textile (non-naturist) area. Be careful not to strip too near the textile area to avoid complaints.
You reach the beach by taking the steps down to the main beach, and turn right as you face the sea. To walk along to the nude area it is easier to keep close to the cliffs as the beach is pebbles.

Studland Bay, Dorset.
The UK's most popular naturist beach has official approval from the National Trust, which owns the bay. The naturist part of the long sandy beach (pictured) is about 1km long, and is well signposted. It is near the centre of the bay, which has car parks at either end. Park at either of these car parks (at Shell Bay on the northern end or Knoll beach at the southern end) and walk along the paths/beach until you reach the naturist section.
You can also get there by catching a ferry from the Sandbanks peninsula in Poole and walking the last mile via Shell Bay. A van is situated on the beach on busy summer days, selling drinks, snacks and ice creams to naturists.

Brighton Black Rock Beach, Brighton, East Sussex.
Probably the UK's most public naturist beach, which may not suit every naturist visitor, it is at least easy to find. The official naturist section is to the east of the main town area, or left as you face the sea, between Peter Pan's Playground and the marina. Pebbles.

Fairlight Cove, Hastings, East Sussex.
This is the first naturist beach to be officially designated in the UK. It has been described as hard to find, but the following directions should make it easy. The walk is only about 20-25 minutes, and I've made these directions very detailed. Park in the Hastings Country Park carpark, which is a mile or so east of Hastings on the road to Fairlight village. Cross the main road and head down the rough lane, which has trees on either side. Keep following the lane downhill, past some single houses, until you reach a row of three houses, on the left hand end of which is a tearoom. To the left of the tearoom is a farm yard and to the right are a couple of houses, then a woody area covering a stream. There is a small gate (please shut behind you) that leads into the woody area and a sign saying 'To The Beach'. The footpath leads down to a footpath junction marked with bollard 9 (there is also a map of the park here). Follow the arrow downhill to 'Fairlight Glen' and keep going downhill until you get to Bollard 10, and see a sign to the beach. Turn left, following the beach sign. After a few yards the path crosses a small stream, after which turn immediately right. Keep following this path - past the 'warning, naturists' sign - and you will end up at the naturist beach. There are some rough steps in this last bit.

St.Osyth, Clacton, Essex.
Access is through Hutley Caravan Site on the road to the sea from St Osyth. Once you get to the sea, turn right. The beach is sandy and officially naturist.

Corton Beach, Lowestoft, Suffolk.
The beach is off the B1385 coast road between Lowestoft and Corton, beyond a stretch of unfenced dunes. The access is at the Corton end, opposite a large free car park. This is the only car park in the area. The path down is surfaced and signposted Footpath to beach. At the beach, unless you feel able to walk down the sea wall, go down the steps, turn left and walk 70 metres along the beach to the second groin. It is signposted as the naturist beach, and the official area extends for a further 200-300 metres. Access is one of the easiest to a naturist beach in the UK, and it is a popular spot with naturists.

Holkham Beach, Norfolk.
To reach the naturist section, turn off the A149 to the west of Wells next the Sea, opposite Holkham Hall, and park in Lady Ann Road. At the beach, turn left (west) and walk for about one mile until you reach the signs indicating the naturist area. The dunes are not part of the naturist area.

Cleats Shore, Lagg, Isle of Arran.
The beautiful Isle of Arran has an official naturist beach just near Lagg on the southern end. From Lagg, head along the road to the west until you reach a sign pointing down a driveable track towards Cleat's Shore. Follow the track, closing gates behind you, right up until you reach the beach. Cars can be parked here, next to the naturist section. The beach is sandy with some shingle, and rather isolated.

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