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Affairs Ltd has swinging couples who enjoy wife swapping. If you are a swinging amateur and want to join a swinging club, you can place your profile, add a photo and then you can find swinging partners.

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We have been providing a married dating service for nearly 20 years. Our community is really friendly. We are a very well established website and have thousands of users, many near you. It's very confidential and very private, you only need an email address to get started. It's as simple as that. So you can soon be meeting sexual partners in towns near you or while you travel away from home.

It's so easy to get started

it takes only a couple of minutes to place a short free profile. Then, within a few hours, you will be contacted by married and single people looking for exactly the same as you. It's completely anonymous and great fun. Place your free married dating profile today and you'll soon be meeting married wives and husbands who are looking for swingers, extramarital affairs, romance, sex, love, etc. Are you interested in new dogging locations for doggers? fancy a fling outside of your marriage? you are in the best place. It's free to get started too.

Swinging Couple

What can a Swinging Couple expect to get out of swinging?

Swinging for a swinging couple can be erotic, exciting and fulfilling as you both want it to be. It allows a swinging couple to explore their favourite fantasies safely. Each swinging couple can engage in private, intimate sexual activity, share someone in a threesome, enjoy with another swinging couple, or engage in group swinging, all in the space of an evening. As a swinging couple you can make new friends, and meet interesting people. It can also enhance your personal life and relationship, it can give you a positive feeling about your self and your partner as a swinging couple.

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Exploring swinging couple fantasies

Swinging can be every bit as erotic, exciting and fulfilling as you both imagine it to be. You can explore many of your swinging couple favourite fantasies safely. You and your partner as a swinging couple can engage in private, intimate sexual activity, share your mate in a threesome, enjoy another swinging couple, or engage in group swinging - all in one evening. You can both make new friends and meet interesting people. Swinging also has the potential of greatly enhancing your relationship and personal life. A positive feeling about yourself, your mate, yourselves as a swinging couple and your relationship is important.

A swinging couple and jealousy

Swinging is not for everyone however. People need to discuss between themselves factors including jealousy, self-esteem, or any relationship problems, prior to entering into the swinging couple lifestyle. If any of these things are of major concern to either person in the swinging couple, then chances are you are not ready as a swinging couple to enjoy the swinging lifestyle and all of its benefits. Always remember, swinging is to enhance your relationship, not to repair or rebuild it.

are you a swinger or are you a cheater?

Affairs Ltd is a married dating site, established in 2002, where you can find swingers and an extramarital affair. 1000's of wives and husbands are online now looking for an affair, dogging and swinging partners. If you are married and looking for an extra-marital affair you can find one here. Simply post your married profile and wait for the responses. 1000's of married personals ads. Want to be a philanderer? Enter the chat room to talk with wives and husbands looking for affairs. Maybe you have you a loving marriage but just want to add some spice by finding an affair.

Do you want an alternative lifestyle?

We can help you find a swinger lifestyle. Get more information about a swing lifestyle, showing you that it is great fun. The swinging lifestyle is not the same as a nudist lifestyle or a bose lifestyle, because you make the choice and the changes yourself. You can choose BDSM, if that is what you fancy too. Find swingers today.

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Affairs offers the complete dating package for all married people, be they swingers, doggers or looking for an extramarital affair. It's free to get started witht the option to upgrade to a VIP package later.

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